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Sunday, February 22, 2015 0 Comments

       It's been six years since i started a blogger account.! still for some reason the idea of setting up a proper blog had always seemed to be within my grasp! so I've finally decided to start this blog, change the blog address, and dedicate some quality time to blog (and promote it after I've made few decent entries :p ). It's going to be a personal notebook of my ramblings(which im very good at doing). While I try to collect my thoughts on any specific idea, which I'm unable to do so as expected, better i would go off in tangents and enjoy the ride. How fascinating it is, on how quick mind can travel from one thought to another, by the way, after two sentences, completely not having a clue about how did it reach this place and from where! 

It's kinda boring, how life is. This is not what i want to do with my life, certainly. The last two years has been a roller coaster ride. A new opportunity,new place, new language(s) and new people. And two years down the line the same once interesting activity has become a run of the mill routine, that eats you from inside out. It is still one of the biggest nightmare's that i encounter, what am i doing with my life?! to be honest this is the first time I've been outside my home this long. Being alone has it's own advantages too(that i might list in another post). Life has taught me it's lessons with all love, all along. And when facing reality, alone, it is difficult in the beginning,when nothing you've read, learnt and experienced helps you. But it was just matter of time before i realized that, this is what experiences are about, and started taking things with a pinch of salt and with lots of indifference. This was the time when i learnt that I'm an INFP and an HSP. Which lead to lot of self revelations and explanations. I did get to know few people whom I envy because of their patience and experience, and enjoy their virtual companionship. I love talking in analogies, looking at patterns behind the obvious, very interested in knowing what's beyond this realm. It's high time I start looking forward, and stop getting bothered by the voice at the back of my head that keeps tugging me all the time!

Let me list down the things i want to do in the next few years.! 

1.Become more assertive of myself
2.Travel, at least start traveling
3.Get an entry level DSLR (most important learn photography, and not just for profile pictures)
4.Get to know more people
5.Find myself

many points do look foggy. But I'm not the one who starts things with an end in mind. Improvisation and multitasking are few skills that I really love in myself. Few years later, i would definitely read this page and have a good laugh.

People want to survive, I want to Live! (- credits to someone I got to know from a website that went viral in three days)



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