Steering my life or, so I wish to imagine!

Thursday, March 19, 2015 2 Comments

Last two weeks had been magical...! I have experienced how powerful one's thoughts can be, and create one's own reality. Something I've longed all along, to be a game changer, to work with dreams, to teach, to plan, manage, and most important of all, to work in a place that's not corporate. To find a job that is not dependent on routine / mechanized task completion was the most challenging task. Though I did manage to find one. I still couldn't believe that it looked like a serendipitous event that, I happened to see a comment on Facebook that someone is required to get into a start-up to take up responsibilities. As stated in my first post all i want is to LIVE and not just survive.
I don't intend to ask for too much from life. Just one where i wake up with enthusiasm, and not with these exact words in my mind " what purpose do I have, in waking up today? What difference is it going to make if I'm going to take a day's leave? " which sadly I've done for almost nineteen years in my life till date. I held up my end of the bargain for almost three and a half years, for the sake of parents' in being with corporate and working for the sake of money (heh - that was shorter than the time I spent doing my engineering). But three and half years was the best i could possibly do. It really was killing me from the inside out. Every passing day became something that was intolerable. I did reach the limit some time back. All it required was that little push to kick start something awesome. And i did find that somewhere on the net, A statement that felt like, it was written for the only purpose of being directed towards me. I have met few people who are really good at hiding and or suppressing their urge to show the middle finger, and not doing something they wish they did. That's what the society expects me to do so too. To hide my urge, forget my passion, be part of the herd till the end, and live a life filled with regrets. I'm lucky that my parents are okay with my way of life, though they were apprehensive in the beginning. Human kind is conditioned way too much that being a part of the herd is the reason why one is born. Conditioning that runs too deep that it's almost next to impossible to break it. All we want is, to be identified with someone or something, that we need not think about explaining anything, just the mention of some name should be sufficient to identify with.And if you are going to be someone who's going to stay away from the herd, a word of caution, those who want to NOT follow the herd are the one's who are stoned till death.

I still remember the bullet points that i want to. Progress is steady..! :) And i have also kept up with my procrastination and actually completed my second post.! And no more homesickness! Chennai it is. :D


An urge to live arouse in me after reading this blog... Way to go bro... Keep it rolling :) :)

This post reminded me of a Stephen Fry chat where he recalled a fantastic quote from Noel Coward "Work is more fun than fun".

The obvious caveat being the right kind of work.:-)

Hopefully, you have found your right kind of work.

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