How to Find the Right Job, A Job I won't hate?

Monday, July 23, 2018 2 Comments

This article is due to a conversation with a colleague who claimed that he is starting to mildly dislike his job, and wants to don another role. Thing to be noted in this context is that he is working in a creative role and not a run of the mill Job, for the last 4 months or so, with loads of freedom, and almost no intervention from others. 

Routine or Not?

There are always exceptions to this question. Exceptional answers or examples if I may. But for a vast majority, it's going to be repetitive. You could be a diploma holder, machining the same part through a CNC machine for 3 years straight, unless the product changes, or you are promoted; You could be an MBA grad, working in Data Analytics, working with datasets using a set of tools over and over; You could be a person running a venture of your own. After one point, things do get repetitive. You answer the same questions over and over, you do the same sales pitch over and over, you create a personalised presentation for different companies over and over. It really does not change at most levels (I would prefer to say at any level, at the risk of generalising). 

Mundane it is!

Who's Fault it is?

This is no one's direct fault from a lay man's point of view. That is how our society is structured to function well. People learn a skill, they specialise in that skill, they perhaps continue to specialise as long as the skill is relevant, and they retire. If anything, they grow in their career ladder and get to don different roles, become a manager, or a boss and manage people for most parts that remain of their career. Some even get lucky and teach what they have learnt to the next generation.

What could one do? 

One could think of giving back to the society in some form or the other (maybe help for a cause that one believe's in). 
One could also think about creating a legacy. 
One could think about doing something that they actually love and not give a damn about the society at all. (believe me, several, even if they get to choose what they want to do, still end up feeling bored in one's job). 

Grass is Always Greener on the other side!

Luck or Skill? 

I for one, have donned 5 or so roles in 3 companies in the short span of 6 years of my career in various capacities. I have hated the politics that comes along with the job, however, have always loved what I had to do as my core job demanded. Maybe I'm an exception, maybe I've been lucky. 

Are you preparing for CAT and you feel you are in a dead end job? believe me, a job after MBA is not going to be much different. We are trained to idolise things that we do not have ready access to. The society is also brilliant in a way where it sucks anyone into the credit spending world, where one ends up buying something because that's how you establish your stature in the society and end up working in a job all your life, because you have an EMI to pay at the end of the month. 

It was funny when I had approached the bank branch manager with an intention of repaying my educational loan, and he asked for my monthly take home pay and wanted me to approach him in six months so that he could sanction me a Car loan (which I never asked for). He also wanted me to come back 2 years later to obtain a housing loan as well. This is how the system sucks one in, and holds them fettered. Maybe it is right, maybe it is wrong. I don't know though. 

Maybe it is right in a way, people work with different kinds of motivation, some need carrot, some need stick. Whatever works for one! 

What Do I do?

I am happy with what I do. I am exceptionally glad when I have to teach for a class. I think my boss also loves teaching, and that keeps him going. I've seen another boss of mine, who was teaching for a small class, where he looked so happy that he was almost glowing. "That" is the person I want to be in my life. Maybe I will. Only time will tell. 

One last thing to remember

We are all paid for our time. To reiterate the same: In exchange of our time, we get money from the society in some form or the other. It's ok to believe that the skills are what I am paid for. If you cannot be replaced then maybe it's partly true, but if in a few weeks someone can replace you, then it is not. And that is not the entire picture, and an individual needs certain level of maturity to agree that this part (that I am being paid for my time) exists.

Continually people have worked in things that are mundane. In the 1900's people worked in assembly lines. In the 2000's people worked in Information Technology. The role has changed. The time has changed. What was expected out of a employee is changed. However, what has stuck all these years is mundane nature of most jobs. We transitioned from Agriculture to Industrial to Services era. But this one nature of the masses and society has not changed at all. So maybe there is no Job that never gets boring at all!

The Answer? 

And Oh, the answer to the question? There is no one right answer. Most of us will end up having a job that becomes routine after a point, in certain ways. There is no way to escape that. Learning to live with it might help. If you are one among the very few select ones who get to do what you like, Fantastic! But yeah, that is the truth. There is no silver bullet & the sooner one realises this, the better. 


Suraj said...

Nice one Bharath. But one needs time to journey through Kübler-Ross model. Hope you keep on teaching and writing blogs...

Pradeep said...

I’m going through such a crisis right now. Though this article has made a good point, often times the situation turns out to be more complicated especially for young adults in their early thirties I feel. It’s just not about the courage to take a decision anymore. You’re already tied down by a number of factors like money, age, health, etc.

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